World renowned master hypnotherapist John Carberry is situated on the Gold Coast Australia. John is a world renowned master hypnotherapist and teacher with over 2 decades experience in the field. “The world of hypnosis is such a wonderful place. A natural state of mind experienced by everyone everyday”.

Q Is Hypnosis mind control?

Not at all. No one under hypnosis can be induced to do anything against his or her will. Whatever moral and ethical codes you hold in a normal waking state will still be in place under hypnosis.

Q Will everything that I say be kept confidential?

Absolutely. The hypnotherapist is bound by the same protocols as any other therapist and unless there are exceptional circumstances everything said will be kept within the confines of the therapy room.

Q Is Hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is safe when a competent and qualified hypnotist induces it.

Q How does hypnosis differ from sleep, meditation or guided imagery?

Hypnosis is best described as an altered state of consciousness, a changed state of awareness, concentration and perception. During the experience of hypnosis, the person remains in complete control and should they ever feel uncomfortable because of the experience, they can always reopen their eyes and terminate the intervention. Everyone at some point or another has experienced hypnosis. One experiences hypnosis when one misses an exit while driving or when one is so engrossed watching TV or reading a book that even a person talking will not distract one from one’s activities. Although some hypnotists use the word sleep as a suggestion to enter deep relaxation, hypnosis is not sleep. Sleep is defined as a natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored. During sleep, the individual is not aware of what is happening. Meditation involves focusing one’s thoughts, engaging oneself in inner contemplation or reflection. Meditation techniques vary, but what most of them have in common is the relief of suffering and the promotion of healing. It is generally known that there are four different kinds of meditation. One is based on body control in order to unite body and mind as in Yoga. A second technique of meditation is based on control of the mind and requires concentration, contemplation and visualisation. Concentration is accomplished by focusing on an object. Contemplation is achieved through continuous repetition of a word or a syllable. A third approach to meditation is based on letting go of the body, using techniques to achieve relaxation of muscle tensions. The fourth meditative technique focuses on letting go of the mind. The mind remains open to whatever enters it thus obtaining insight. There is a fine line between meditation and hypnosis. Meditation and self-hypnosis can be induced in similar ways. Both techniques may begin by the person being asked to stare at a certain point, breathe in a prescribed way or listen to chants or rhythms. Meditation has been most effective in changing behaviour. Guided Imagery is the use of mental images to bring about changes usually related to health problems. All the above techniques share relaxation as part of the procedure, but that is where the similarities end.

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John works from a very high level and I was so pleased with my outcome. I didn’t really believe I could be helped but after just one session I felt my life turn around. To date I have lost over 40 KG and my blood pressure has dropped. Highly recommend him

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